The Mayan Galactic Birthday

Your Mayan birthday – your Personal Destiny Map

In parallel to Ptolemaic and Sidereal astrology, the Mayans developed a multidimensional astrology. It is a revelatory Personal Destiny Map that is unique to you. It contains everything you need to connect to your inner knowing and lead a happy life. Your Galactic Birthday is a combination of several of the 20 Time Keys and a Tone or K’in, which corresponds to a day on the Tzolk’in calendar. This is your Personal Destiny.

In essence, we are all one. One that has an infinite number of forms. Each of us is unique, unparalleled in the whole world and irreplaceable. Through the various maps we learn about our uniqueness within the unity. Once you know your Galactic Birthday, you can know yourself.

You will learn about your individual qualities from the 20 Time Keys. The Keys show you how those qualities interact to form your personality and give meaning to your life experiences. You will begin to engage with your unique journey on this Earth instead of being a passive participant. You will learn to flow and ride the Wave of your life. When you learn the basic qualities of your Galactic Birthday symbols, you will gain access to potential you never thought was possible.

As you gain deeper insight into yourself, you also begin to relate to life differently. The 20 Time Keys change your perspective of the people around you. The Keys contain specific information about the positive and negative aspects that each of us use to interpret the world around us. The Keys are here to help you build a mental, emotional and spiritual framework that is outside of duality. You will step outside of the “positive” and “negative” aspects of your life and into the unique, but unified existence that is waiting for you. Gradually, the comparison and judging processes we’ve all relied upon our whole lives stop. Eventually you will be able to accept yourself and everyone genuinely for who they are. You will be free of conditioned responses and self destructive thought patterns.

Most importantly, finding your Galactic Birthday symbols is just the beginning of the process. The more you expose yourself to the knowledge and symbolism of the 20 Time Keys, the more you will expand your perspective and strengthen the authentic you that you’ve always know was there.

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