The Mayan Prediction

It’s time to bridge pleasantly between the Worlds.

Symbols hold power in the physical world. Symbols like Geometric forms (pyramid, cube, etc.), Hebrew letters, Runes, and Chinese hexagrams are codes, imprinted deep in our DNA. Through learning and visual connection to these symbols, your frequency can be increased and clarified.

The Mayan world is a rich, diverse and colorful world, made up of mathematical codes and geometric shapes.  It is exciting to explore its hidden secrets and depths. The 20 Time Keys already exist in you on a cellular level. Slowly and gradually you will simply remember the knowledge of Time. 

Each of the Time Keys contains vast amounts of information that is beyond the limits of knowledge currently available to our conscious minds. Connecting visually with the Keys expands your brain’s ability to create renewable thought structures that break the boundaries of your contemporary reality. 

It doesn’t matter how much you know about the Mayans or how much you play with this knowledge everyday. What is important is to expose yourself to the Keys as much as possible by breathing their energy, painting them, following along with the Waves, expressing them through your art, meditating on them – whatever your creative outlet is. 

Observing the Keys and tracking their movement through the Waves connects you to a natural internal rhythm. That alone helps you find presence in the moment. 

The Game of Time is subjective. Everyone is invited to create their own rules and even change them from time to time. Your purpose in following the Waves is to remind yourself of and awaken the deeper knowledge inherent in you. The wisdom in the flowing from Key to Key along the Wave is immense. Your life will start to move in a spiral motion. This feels good and awakens your creativity. 

The 20 Time Keys have a pre-existing frequency on Earth that connects you to the love and light of the soul within your heart. Focus on the Key of the day, or the Key of the Wave, or whatever feels right for you at the moment. Breathe that Key into your cells and connect with the knowledge, love, blessings, and inspiration inherent in it.  

How blessed we are to have the Mayan knowledge here with us here on Earth. Enjoy the journey :))

7/24: Tone 1 the Wave of the Worldbridger arrives

For the next thirteen days, the Worldbridger is going to push you. It’s going to coax you to let go of whatever you’re clinging to and learn to simply be

Are you accustomed to being mindlessly busy, handling high stress levels and constantly rushing from goal to goal? There is no way you’ll be able to find inner peace like that. 

Worldbridger is here to expand your perspective on the nature of Time and the eternity within you. You are here, as a personality in a physical body, to learn lessons of the soul in this reality. Life and all the events you experience are in accordance with your soul lessons. 

Running from one achievement to another might appear to bring you what you want, but lessons of the soul cannot be expedited or accelerated. Everything always happens exactly on time and according to your ability to grow from the lesson.

Worldbridger’s insights on the accuracy of events as they happen help you understand there is no rush and that you can rest. Instead of running to the next action, thrill or achievement, stop, take a deep breath and slow down your feverish mental rhythm.

If you would like to exit the freeway and enter the relaxing world of your mental countryside, Worldbridger asks you to release the gaps that your mind repeatedly creates between what exists in your reality and what you would like to create in and from your reality. 

This gap creates high levels of stress and causes you to get antsy about achieving your “desired” “future”. In linear reality, it usually takes time to close the gap because the brain perceives time in sections and across a continuum. Your brain believes if a desire is unachievable, it MUST take a long time to realize it. Bigger desire? More work to get there. 🙁

Like Don Quixote we fight the illusion to reach a destination, person or goal. We all have goals that seem out of reach, but it’s time to trust your soul can do the work for you outside of the limits of Time. Simply knowing that your soul is infinite means you can release resistance to not having achieved that dream. You don’t need to worry that it’s taking too long. You are in the right place at the right time.

The Worldbridger is a remedy to overwhelming pain, beliefs that aren’t serving you and habits. He is asking you to forgive yourself for the “nonsense” and forgive others for their nonsense in turn. 

It’s a choice to walk the wilderness path of the soul. The more you allow yourself to get “lost” in the wide vistas of your spirit, the more stable your “anchor” will be when you return to the loud and chaotic “city” of your ego. Gradually, you’ll begin to move lightly, calmly and curiously to a very different game of life. The potential for cleansing and rebirth exists in the Worldbridger Wave. 

Breathe Worldbridger to every cell in your body. Be filled with healing white light. Believe you are safely on the path to become the person you want to be. 

7/25: Tone 2, the Challenge in Hand energy 

The Hand Challenge is all about flow. It’s time to learn how to move without needing stressors or dramas to do so. Do you know how to stop and float when the situation requires it? Or are you on a treadmill of worry and need that is out of your control?

Your life is not a business you need to worry about managing. Stop racing around, putting pressure on yourself, multitasking yourself into illness and forcing control on the outcomes. There is endless joy in letting go. There are surprises waiting expectantly to be revealed to you when you open yourself to receiving them.

The Hand Key is offering you the idea that you don’t need to know everything that is going to happen in order to feel safe. What you need to do is relax and develop sensitivity to your intuition. Trust that it won’t ever lead you astray.

Look at the ocean. It never stops moving. There are waves rising and falling constantly. You are exactly the same. Your life is in constant motion, spatially, physically, mentally, emotionally.

The Hand Key’s four fingers that symbolize the four elements and the four cardinal directions. The thumb symbolizes your willpower. The thumb unites all the elements to the center of your heart. 

The Hand is urging you to practice listening to your heart along the Wave of your life. It’s telling you to trust in your intuition and give credit to your feelings. Use your strengths and let yourself be proud of your capabilities. When you recognize your talents, you reinforce the inner stability of your true power. 

Earth in the Solution indicates that it’s possible to find flow and turn our desires into reality. But don’t forget the restful moments!

Breathe the Hand Key today. Adjust to the four directions of the sky and the four elements. Connect with the intuition in your heart and to the knowledge of your soul. See the possibilities that exist for you right here and now.

According to Chinese wisdom, the energy that accompanies us these days is called “progress,” “upward push” (Hexagram 46). The flow of the heavens is matching your consistent actions right now. That means there is huge potential for progress and success (Worldbridger1). The Chinese recommend that you continue to make efforts, persevere with your activities and lean on the strong will power in your heart (Hand 2). As you invest in building a broad and stable foundation, you will be able to fulfill your long-term goals (Star 3).

7/26: Tone 3 in Star Energy

Today, the Star’s light illuminates the qualities of Venus in you. Your love and optimism, your sense of satisfaction of the things you have in life are abundant.

Practice objectivity today. Look for beauty in the here and now. You will find elegant and original solutions to situations in your life when you focus your attention this way.The shining Star is asking you to accept your emotional sway, let go of conditions that no longer serve you (or worse are hurtful to you and others), even when they seem impossible.

Accept your reality and focus on solutions. In this way, you release resistance and perfectionism in favor of softness and acceptance. The Wave’s wisdom teaches that the first step in quieting the nonsense that runs in your head is a constant emphasis on the positive and what exists. The mind’s race for titles and goals is a def’;ense mechanism you’ve developed to conceal your wounded and sensitive inner child. She feels insufficient and unsuccessful. Your self-criticism only increases the difficulty and the pain. 

Meditate and breathe the Worldbridger and fill your body with white light to clear any compressed frequencies you might be carrying. Breathe the Star Key into the center of your heart. Balance the four elements in your body and say, “It’s me, my style, my pace, my looks and I accept myself.” Allow light to fill your body and create thought patterns you desire.

7/27: Tone 4 Gate day in Moon energy

The difficulty of moving like a wave comes from painful childhood wounds that remain engraved in your body’s cells. They cause an unrelenting inner dialogue. Your mind recycles this information and uses it to translate life’s events.

The Moon symbolizes your sensitive and vulnerable inner child. The wounds reach into the depths of childhood, where a large part of the patterns you employ today were imprinted upon you. They have become your ‘nature’. They accompany you ‘faithfully’ to the end of your days. 

The automatic patterns shaped by your wounds, immediately translate real facts for you. They do not allow you to listen to your inner child’s voice. The Moon teaches you to establish a balanced relationship between your mature adult image and your sensitive inner child. 

The adult can encompass your inner child in her time of need. Your inner adult figure will help you release the “I can’t” or “I’m not successful” voices that keep you from accomplishing what you desire. You’ll be able to give gentle love and tenderness to yourself instead of criticism.

Today is all about opening possibilities to find the solution to the Challenge that the Hand Key presents during this Wave. The Moon wants you to connect with the curious, authentic and creative child and allow him to lead you in the playground of life. 

Moon energy invites you to sharpen your absorption sensors and receive signals from life’s constant motion. Everything that happens is relevant to your story. Every word and event happens exactly when and how it should happen. 

Take notice of the messages from people, situations, and synchronicities you encounter today.

Breathe Moon energy today. Connect to the power of water and send healing to your inner child. Feel how awakening to your inner child’s voice allows you to flow more like a wave from moment to moment.

7/28: Tone 5, in Dog Energy 

At the Temple in Delphi, there is a sentence that reads – “Know Thyself”. Today we are focusing on building willpower and the Dog makes it clear that the way to be reborn must come from a clear knowledge of self. 

You are an infinite soul which is being hosted in a physical body. Knowing oneself means becoming more connected to your body. Get to know what’s right for you in this body, find the things that are pleasing to you, explore what you really want and what you don’t. 

You must ​​learn to become best friends with yourself. Be loyal to your own desires and needs. People pleasing and doing things that make you feel uncomfortable are great ways to LOSE energy. The Dog is teaching you to take your feelings seriously.

Your wellbeing is critically important. You should give what you need and how you feel the highest priority. Listen carefully to your heart. When you experience self-love, it resonates in you and is amplified in the universe.

The healing process in this Wave is strengthened the more you are able to stay on your own side. Seek out family, friends and loved ones who are also on your side.

Breathe the Dog’s loving energy and open your heart. Search for peace and balance within. Focus on the love you want to receive in your relationships. Look for the benefits that intimacy with yourself will give you. Breathe and connect with a heartfelt generosity to love yourself as you do others.

According to Chinese wisdom, the energy these days is called “encouragement” (“joy”) (Hexagram 58). The way we can reach our goals now is by encouraging others to achieve their goals (Human 7). Pleasant communication and genuine caring for others’ feelings (Dog 5) will give you a sense of loyalty, inspiration (Monkey 6), and a true examination of your personal principles and goals (Human 7).

7/29: Tone 6 inMonkey Energy 

The Worldbridger Wave is about curing the pain that is preventing you from flowing like a wave. Today is a day of balance. The Monkey helps you balance by allowing you to treat life as a huge playground with lots of colorful and fun things to play with. 

Ask yourself, “Who actually said life should be taken seriously?!” Monkey energy makes it possible to deal with the deep healing you are processing right now, by giving you a wider viewpoint. The Monkey’s humor is an antidote to the stress, anxiety and worry that can accompany this type of inner work. 

The Monkey is reminding you that life is not as serious as it may seem. Most of your life events weren’t really that critical or fatal when you examine them again. Humor and creativity help you maintain optimism, despite the heavy issues you’re facing. 

As we near the Peak of the Wave, Monkey helps you connect to the curious, lighthearted and carefree side of your inner child.  He helps you find creative inspiration and express your voice. Allow yourself to be filled with the brilliance of the moment.

Breathe Monkey energy today. Re-examine your life with the Monkey as your guide. Allow the inspiration of your soul to fill you with renewed ideas and original solutions to problems that pop up along the way.

7/30: Gate day, Tone 7 in Human Energy 

The Human Key helps you understand that infinite abundance only comes when you are acting from your inner knowledge. It’s time to release dependence upon your surroundings to validate you.

To relax with Worldbridger, you need to get free from judgy societal norms and expectations. The collective notion of “happiness” and how it can be achieved is a farce. Joy, on the other hand, is achievable, but only when you connect from within.

Joy is an energetic state of inner satiety and is not dependent upon external circumstances. It is the essence and not the way, Nietzsche said. Your inner child is here to lead you to your happiness. Connecting with her is the only way to truly feel joy. Joy is a physical and emotional experience, therefore the Human at the peak of the process allows for insight that reality depends on you and the thoughts you transmit to the universe. 

In the Worldbridger Wave, the work is about curing rigid conceptual frameworks and false self-beliefs that are recycled information from your childhood. Therefore, at the Gate today, the Human Key teaches that your heart is the “captain” and your head is an executive branch, operating in service to the wisdom of your heart. The point here is to decrease your reliance on mental power as the authority. It’s time to connect back to your body and understand that your heart is your true compass.

Breathe Human energy today and generously share the gifts you’ve been blessed with. Look at others through your heart and move joyfully on your path. Breathe and experience joy for the things you have in life and for the colorful world around you.

7/31: Tone 8 in SkyWalker energy 

The Prophet Skywalker fills your heart with compassion and your mind with renewed information and creative vision. On the day of Integration, Skywalker invites you to create a sacred hall within. Create a place in yourself where you can truly relax. Use this sacred hall to increase your alertness to all the facets of your life. 

Ask yourself: 

  • Do I respect my private inner space and use it for exploration, learning and creative work?
  • Am I attentive to my senses and guided by their boundaries or is it my mind that guides me
  • Do I know how to set clear boundaries for anyone and anything that draws energy from me?
  • Do I allow abuse or am I being taken advantage of – by myself or anyone around me?
  • Can I allow myself to break the limitations I’ve created that are holding me back? 

Creating the space you need for inner connection is necessary to rework your mental structures and start receiving new information. It is a feeling rather than a thought. Pay attention to the things your heart is telling you.

When you find the bravery and determination to say “No” clearly to the things that are wrong for you, you are invoking the power of the Hand Key. Keep your boundaries clear so that you’ll have the energy to focus on what’s really important to you.

Breathe Skywalker today and be filled with flashes of inner wisdom. Feel your energetic field growing and sense the connection to your soul strengthening. Now, ask to be renewed with every magical and sacred moment in this fascinating life.

According to Chinese wisdom, energy these days is called “confrontation” (Hexagram 6). Although we act according to our nature and desires (Human 7), obstacles and objections may stand in our way (Warrior 11). It’s possible that a need exists to change our basic views, in a more realistic (Skywalker 8) way. In any case, it’s time to stop, re-examine our original views, and grow spiritually (Magician 9).

8/1: Tone 9, in Wizard energy

Most of us have forgotten how to let go and be in flow from moment to moment. Our intermediary, the ego is constantly looking outside for approval. It’s hard to hear your authentic voice when there is incessant judgment, categorization, comparison, criticism, in your internal dialogue.

If you want to be renewed in each and every moment, you must become the only criteria by which you judge yourself. You must acknowledge the power you have in you. The Wizard today is here to help you release your dependence on approval from the outside world. You know exactly what is best for you. You know your own desires better than anyone else. Only you know what is the right thing for you at any moment.

Today is the day we try to decipher the Challenge the Hand Key is presenting us. The Wizard is saying that if you want to flow like a wave you must rely on your own abilities and listen to your intuition. This is the first step in building a strong core that is connected directly to your soul’s wisdom. The only way to make your wildest dreams come true is through this connection. 

Breathe the Wizard’s energy and charge yourself with love. Breathe and increase confidence in yourself and your mighty soul. Let go, accept being here in the moment and allow the frequency of love in your heart to resonate everywhere.

8/2: Tone 10 in Eagle energy

During the Worldbridger Wave you dealt with habits and conditions that caused you to act out of narrow and limited needs. The Eagle today expands your understanding of overwhelming challenges that can be a source of deep pain for you. 

Today we are completing the process of solving our Challenge. The Eagle’s vision is allowing you to look at events in your life that may seem overwhelming through a proportionate lens. Victimization, blame, and frustration are all results of recycled patterns of information that have been “managing” you for years. It’s time to expand your unconscious ways of thinking and acting until you make space to hear your inner voice. The freedom you’ll feel when you do this is immense

The Eagle also teaches that it is important to make quality time for leisure and enjoyment. Balancing serious doing with resting and finding inspiration, makes for graceful moments of being. When you’ve got your feet on solid ground and your mind and heart at a wide and proportionate vantage point, the infinite possibilities of your soul become possible. 

Breathe the uplifting Eagle and connect with your far-reaching dreams. Breathe and receive guidance on how to fulfill your dreams with pleasure and joy here and now in the real time.

8/3: Tone 11, in Warrior energy 

The determined Warrior is a researcher who teaches that dependency on people, agendas or addictions of any kind, prevents you from relaxing into flowing along the Waves of your life. Most of us are fixated on our habits, routines and rules. The Warrior steps in to help you release more of these conditions. 

You’ve come a long way in the Worldbridger Wave. Today is the day of release from anything still preventing you from finding your flow. The Warrior says that no one can take away what is truly yours. There is no point in grasping thoughts and behaviors that are fixed and give the illusion of safety. Your dependency on the outside world to tell you what to do and how to act is stopping your flow and keeping you from hearing your authentic voice. 

The Warrior is here to dissolve the doubts that constantly pester you in the back of your mind. He is here to help you connect to the knowing in your body and to your intuitive wisdom.

Breathe Warrior energy into your body and experience an opening in your third eye. Allow deep insights to reach you. Breathe into your entire body until you can move boldly through different mindscapes and elegantly create a caressing flow for yourself.

8/4: Gate day, Tone 12, in the energy of Earth

Earth’s solution makes us practical people that are doing their thing with deeds rather than words. The Wave’s wisdom leads you step by step to a place where your desires translate into action. The Hand Challenge taught you to listen to your inner voice and actually take the steps required to realize it. Instead of unnecessary intermediate thoughts about what and how it needs to look, you learned to simply act here and now. Instead of waiting for others to approve, you learned to approve of yourself. Instead of the dramatic emotional overwhelm, you learned to listen to the intuitive child voice inside you. 

The Earth in the Solution indicates that along the Wave you received truly new information from your intuition that allows you to move with perfect timing on a daily basis. When you find your intuitive flow every encounter, word and thought comes at the exact right moment. When the exhausting inner struggle between what you are lacking and what you have is released, you are able to move in a meditative flow and focus on what really matters to you. 

Once you find the truth within you, there is nothing more to look for “out there”. Everything you do reflects your internal state of being. The codes of this Wave lead you to become full of vitality. The things you do are meaningful not only for you, but for everyone around you.

Breathe Earth’s energy throughout your body. Connect to the pulse of life and anchor in your body as your physical home. Breathe the heartbeat of the Crystalline Earth. Connect with your unique ideas and send patterns of peace, wellness and healing to all of humanity.

According to Chinese wisdom, energy these days is called a “contradiction” (Hexagram 38). At this time we may encounter the duality inherent in our personality and see the two parties that exist with us very clearly (Mirror 13). As we expand our perspective, we can see that all the contrasts in the world are part of a great plan for us in the physical dimension (Eagle 10). What finally gets us out of this natural concealment is the individuality that we are (Earth 12).

8/5: Tone 13, The end of the Wave in Mirror energy

Mirror in Tone 13 evokes the image of a lucid person, full of energy, focused on the moment. The Kabbalah calls this “reduction”. You “reduced” or focused your energy on things that matter in order to create what you desire in life. The transformation this Wave offers has to do with your ability to listen to the truth in your body and express it in the moment. 

Introspection with the Worldbridger led you to see through the surrounding mirrors, reflect on them and reflect them back into the world. You realized that the people in your life teach you about your thoughts, feelings and desires and that you have no ability to change the surrounding mirrors but only yourself. Instead of generating energy in relation to, translating and discarding, you are charged from within. 

The knowledge you gained in this Wave has allowed you to simply be with others, letting go of the drama and criticism. The Hand Challenged you to release stress and reduce wasted energy. The process of this Wave has made you a person who knows how to store energy within, even when different dynamics in the environment press you. You healed troublesome thoughts and wounds of the past. You are well on the way to becoming a strong person who wakes every day to new possibilities.

You are invited to breathe the clarity and vividness of the cosmic Mirror and to fully relax. Surround yourself with a huge golden pyramid and send your will to the near future, knowing that whatever you wish will come to be, easily and quickly.

The WorldBridger Wave ends and the cosmic Mirror leads to the Storm Wave next.

May we bridge the different worlds within us, and find endless, blessed moments of being. 

The Skywalker Wave has concluded and now we welcome the Wave of Worldbridger.

Wishing you joy in the heavenly wave of Skywalker, and connection to your inner Wizard. ((: