The Mayan Symbols

KAN – Seed

change, consciousness, purpose, and rash

Symbolizes fertility, development and change, dynamism, and performance. Fills with motion, information and ideas. Allows to release the old, the illusions, and sow new opportunities in their place. Magnetizes changes, beginnings, bloom and the gateway to endless possibilities. Teaches how to achieve goals we seek in our lives. Represented by the base chakra and connected to the planet Jupiter.

AKBAL – Night

intuition, house, light, abundance

Symbolises the light that is within darkness, depths and intuition. Allows to feel at home, in our bodies, in our state and in the universe. Releases self-judgment and intellectual stiffness. Enables the creation of an internal abundance, peace and relaxation. Teaches to create a sacred space, to look inwards and be filled with light. Represented by the solar plexus chakra and connected to the planet Saturn (Saturn).

IK – wind

communication, connection, breathing, sense of humor

Represents the connection to the male qualities of truth, pleasantness and humor. Allows to behave with inspiration, fellowship and with the balancing of our ends. Teaches to take responsibility, respond, commit and take decisions. Fills with joy, lightness, sharpness and movement. Allows clear communication, flows fluently and reminds to breathe. Represented by the heart chakra and connected planet Uranus.

IMIX – Dragon

feeding, birth, being, acceptance

Symbolises a connection to the feminine qualities of nurturing, acceptance and birth. Allows self-acceptance, acceptance of our mission and the transfer of knowledge. Relieves feelings of worthlessness, mistrust and rejection. Stops self-destructive self-criticism and converts them to acceptance and forgiveness. Connects to strength, to softness and creation. Represented by the chakra throat and connected to the planet Neptune.

LAMAT – Star

positive, beauty, art, elegance

8 – LAMAT- the Star: positive, beauty, art, elegance. Symbolizes tolerance and love to ourselves and to others, the goddess of beauty and love. Teaches to become a light tower, by helping to change negative images to positive ones. Allows a sense of ourselves, precisely just as we are and the opening up to the beauty of life. Allows to release self-doubt, hesitation and extremism. Connects to harmony, art, elegance and unconditional love. Represented by the solar plexus and connected to Venus.

MANIK – Hand

knowledge, fulfilment, inner strength, peace

Symbolizes the hands of God and the realization and fulfilment capabilities. Connects to a potent internal force and to the ability to get on with things. Teaches to release a sense of tension and worry and enjoy processes instead. Connects to an inner sense of freedom and internal knowledge. Allows healing, peace and generosity. Represented by the heart chakra and connected to planet Earth

CIMI – World Bridger

the capacity of forgiveness, transformation, relaxation, memory

Symbolizes the death of the old, transformation and the capacity for forgiveness. Teaches to delete painful memories and being reborn, free and light. Shows how move between places, people and information and link between them. Releases the need for control and opens new opportunities. Represents the sense of justice and equality and the ability to contribute to society and those around. Represented by chakra throat and connected to the planet Mars.

CHICCHAN – Serpent

life force, power, instinct, authenticity

Symbolizes passion for life, awareness to the body and alchemy. Allows a unique individual expression, color and authenticity. Relieves feelings of loneliness, a desire to be loved and exaggerated desires. Connects to the pleasures of life, the instincts, vitality and the power of presence in the body. Teaches to express our strong will, through the senses and the physical pleasures of life. Represented by the crown chakra and connected to the asteroid belt.

EB – Humen

a desire, wealth, wisdom, way

Symbolizes the walking of the path, while overcoming hurdles and magnetizing luck. Allows to apply our free will and open up to abundance. Teaches to look at eye level and release judgments and criticism. Relieves doubt and inefficiency and focuses on what makes us happy. Connects to wisdom and the ability to influence those around. Represented by the heart chakra and connected to planet Earth.

CHUEN – Monkey

creativity, lightness, play, expression

Symbolizes the creative, amused and original child. Teaches to express our creativity with ease, genius and pleasure. Releases scattering, hyperactivity and cynicism. Enables to play the game of life, between magic and illusion. Releases restraint and over-seriousness and fills with simplicity and humor. Represented by the throat chakra and connected to planet Venus.

OC – dog

love, loyalty, balance, opening the heart

Symbolizes an open and loving heart. Teaches to create intimate relationships, peaceful and balanced. Let us be true to ourselves and our needs, to do what’s good for us. Releases strong emotions and dramas out of our lives and in their place loads with mental calmness. Teaches to cooperate and reach peace around sexual issues and relationships. Represented by the crown chakra and connected to planet Mercury.

MULUC – Moon

sensitivity range, inner child, cleansing, power

Represents sensitivity, potency and cleansing. Allows reception of signals and clues and a harmonious flow in life. Connects to the sensitive child, with the super-sensory ability and developed imagination. Teaches to release childhood memories and clear recycled patterns. Extends the ability to listen and internal communication with ourselves. Represented by the base chakra and connected planet Mercury.

CIB – Warrior

intelligence, courage, inner voice, discipline

Symbolizes high intelligence and self-consciousness. Lets us listen to our inner voice and express it courageously in the reality of our lives. Releases emotional and physical dependence and encourages independence. Raises confidence in ourselves and in our own internal knowledge. Allows the expansion of the brain and communications with space entities. Represented by the throat chakra and connected to planet Saturn.

MEN – Eagle

: vision, consciousness, creativity, choice

Lets create our vision and dreams in the reality, with dancing and joy. Releases dynamics of the victim / culpable, and instead cultivate a relationship with personal freedom and choice. Teaches to realize major projects, while balancing service with rest. Broadens the perspective, shows how not to judge people and how to interact telepathically. Shows us the big picture of and helps put things in proportion. Represented by the crown chakra and its planet is Jupiter.

IX – Wizard

timeless, containment, teaching, simplicity

Represents the high priestess, magic, containment and movement in timeless dimensions. Connects to full strength in the physical body and ability to help others help themselves. Indicates the release of the need for control, to live in complete truthfulness, simply and modestly. Connects to an internal, secure knowledge, without the need for labels and certificates from the outside. Enables to believe in ourselves and in the high truth transform into a clean vessel for transferring knowledge and teaching. Represented by the base chakra and connected to the asteroid belt.

BEN – Sky Walker

Breakthrough, determination, compassion, and development.

Symbolizes courage, compassion, cosmopolitan awareness and the energy of the messiah. Awakes us from the recycling situations and expands our perspective. Teaches to set borders, to confront directly and stop abuse in our lives. Expands the alertness and the ability to explore and receive guidance from parallel dimensions. Author earth to heaven and from the depth of human nature. Represented by the solar plexus and connected to the planet Mars (March).

AHAU – Sun

light, knowledge, clarity, fire

Symbolizes fire, light, information. Connects to the inner sun, the fire element and its expression in reality. Gives strength, clarity, confidence in what we do and in our lives. Fills with warmth and white golden light. Allows a natural, complete and simple expression of the divine within us. Represented by the crown chakra and connected to planet Pluto.

CAUAC – the Storm

healing, confidence, trust, energy

Represents a healing of ourselves and those around us and catharsis. Allows a release of negative energy from the cells in the body and positive charging. Increases the self confidence and trust in the universe and our job here. Releasing fear of the unknown and fills with courage to jump into life’s waters. Raises awareness to the family, society and country. Represented by the base chakra and connected to planet Pluto.

ETZNAB – Mirror

reflection, concentration, attendance, order

Represents focus, concentration, full attendance in the present. Lets us see ourselves through the mirror, through the reflections. Teaches to be present in the present moment, without swaying to the past or future. Frees our lives from difficulty, negativity, judgments and suffering. Enables collaborations and the reaching of inner clarity. Represented by the solar plexus and connected to planet

CABAN – Earth

grounding, timing, patience, information

Represents a connection to Mother Earth, the ground, and the ability to go about easily in real life. Enables to anchor our ideas in the physical level and express our skills. Symbolizes synchronization and allows to pay attention to signs that occur in our way. Motivates us to act and help change of the frequencies that is taking place on Earth. Allows to initiate, run and expand the brain and memory. Teaches to observe without jumping into conclusions; flexibility and patience. Represented by the heart chakra and connected to planet Uranus.