The Mayan Tones

Tone 1 – Magnetic tone of the purpose

Represents the attunement to the wave’s goal to attract the energies necessary for its realization. The first day is the overall theme of the wave. It allows union with the source and magnetizes energies that push and guide us through the 13 days of the wave.

Tone 2 – Lunar tone of the challenge

Stands for sharp turns, duality and difficulty. On the second day we examine the issue with which we deal with through the wavelength. Tells about the opportunities for growth and for the balancing of the polarity within us, which exist in every challenge.

Tone 3 – Electric tone of service

Represents focus, flow and movement toward a solution to the challenge. On the third day we learn how to solve the challenge using intuition – our third eye. This energy speeds up, operates and teaches to use the qualities of inspiration within us for ourselves and society.

Tone 4 – Independent tone of the form

Represents seeding possible solutions to the challenge by their exact definition. On the fourth day we define potential options to solve the challenge explicitly with thought and imaging. Teaches how to plant forms of accomplishment in reality and thus progress toward the solution to the challenge

Tone 5 – Quantum tone of the brilliance

Symbolizes the heart center, a connection to our chin. On the fifth day we are developing will power, strong and solid, for the solution to the challenge, providing the motivation internal forces to handle the challenge. Allows to gather and focus our energy and consequently to glow and radiate light in all directions

Tone 6 -Rhythmic tone of balance

Represents a balance with nature and the universe and a flow in space and time. On the sixth day we organize all it takes towards the peak of the wave. Lets us get to balance, calm and equanimity

Tone 7 – Resonant tone of the attunement

Signifies the peak of the wave’s intent and a direct contact with the source. At the height of the wave, we refine our intention and channel it to production. Allows merging with subtle vibrations and in creating a harmonious reality.

Tone 8 – Galactic tone of integrity

Symbolizes harmony between the words, thoughts and actions – between deeds and the high reality, reinforcing loyalty to ourselves. On the eighth day we ask ourselves to what extent we are living what we believe in. Teaches how to build the quality of integrity that is embodied in all of us, thereby increasing the harmony in our lives and in our world.

Tone 9 – Solar tone of intention

Represents the turning point of the wave and leads to a focused intent that moves, drives and fulfills our creation. On the ninth day we interpret the wave’s process. Allows the completion of the personal process and the completion of major energy cycles.

Tone 10 – planetary tone of manifestation

Signifies fulfilment and change of awareness following the recognition of the wave’s completion of the process. On the tenth day we design the fine details left to resolve the challenge and further sharpen the wave process. This is a day of gift, which teaches the perfection that exists in creation just as it is.

Tone 11 – Reflects the release

Symbolizes the renunciation of the old, breaking of patterns and releasing of beliefs that are no longer relevant to our lives. On the eleventh day we dissolve everything that still stops us from solving the challenge. Let us open up to infinite possibilities, merge them into our daily lives and feel freedom.

Tone 12 – crystalline tone of cooperation

Represents the solution to the challenge, the consolidation of poles rate and the learning of the wave’s main lesson. On the twelfth day we understand how to resolve and reach stability and wisdom. Teaches how to cooperate in meetings and in creation with the understanding that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Tone 13 – Cosmic tone of Presence

Symbolizes the ability to be present at any moment and to resonate beyond the physical reality. On the thirteenth day we embody in our presence the leap made through the wave. It unifies all the ends of the wave and leads to a universal change, to rest and to attunement towards the new wave.